Facebook.Hi – I am using this page to help buffalogaybars.com so friend me – make me a relative or what ever it takes to be able to advertise to me and thereby a lot more people. I will try to post things from here ontobuffalogaybars.com and people will start looking here.

Facebook allows buffalogaybars.com to share notices that go to 4 people – hi 4 people. unless I pay 2.50 day and 5 to boost. So check this site alot and the facebook page – if you want to spend money to advertise –advertise now on buffalogaybars.com – you can name the price. you can see the actual visitor stats right on the front page of this website. It still around 200 real live people going to the bother to see what is going on.– use contact page to talk to me. facebook doesnt let me have a message button even.
if you can go on my page and share this with your friends so they can become my friends to see your notices.
or find james ford