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Best way for DL er’s to see whats going on – grinder, but in real life – wait for allentown art festival or thursdays at the square or just go out to the chippawa bars and wander on over.

Best Nights of the year for gays

White Party at marcellas – then cycle  Memorial weekend sunday night – wear white only

Black Party at marcella – then cycle labour day weekend sunday night – wear black only

Thanksgiving eve – all over – everbody comes back for family and meets friends at the bar,

New years – a lot of places to go

Halloween  –  wander


A overall look at Buffalo nightlife situation.  Where to park, what to do, how to get a taxi, where to eat, and drink.  Find the Gay Bar that meets your needs.

 Compare all the bars to see if they have the dance floor, pool table, drag show, smoking patio etc that you want  click AREA BARS
Hopefully by reading each bars description, visitors can get an idea where to go to see a drag show, shoot a game of pool or to watch a football game.  These description should eventually also contain information on who has there own bowling teams or dart tournamentsAll the bars in buffalo are very friendly, have very mixed ages crowds, and usually have a mixture of straight, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender and gay.
Check a map of the area to see how to get there
Buffalo Gay Bars are in three groupings.  You should be able to park in one of the three areas and get to the bars you want  1) the Allentown area bars are along Allen St.  These are mostly the neighborhood style bars in older house style building.  Parking is in residential streets.  2) The Chippewa Delaware area  3) The Chippewa Pearl St area.  These last two areas are more of dance or club style bars.  During the week, parking is usually available in lots near each club.  On week ends and Holidays however, parking is hard to get, but, there are parking lots and ramps within a city block of the bars.  The Chippewa area is a popular bar strip and many of the other bars in the area are gay friendly.  Many people seem to get bored of the straight bars and head over to find better music and better men.
Buffalo In General
New York State allows drinking of Alcohol to people 21 and up.

The bars close at 4 am.  Canada (15 minutes away) allows drinking to 18 and over but their bars close at 1 am.  Many people with younger friends head across the border to party and then come back near 1 am.

A few of the Bars allow 18+ in the doors usually with their hands marked by a X.  Buying alcohol for someone under 21 will probably get you immediately arrested and definitely banned from the bar.  The bar Owners are not going to lose their bars just so you can get a guy drunk enough to take him home.  Of course it’s hard to tell which 18’s came from Canada tipsy or from the nearest parking lot.

Smoking is not allowed in public places including bars in New York State.  Many of the bars have an attached patio or a small area at the door to smoke.  During the Buffalo winters a few of the bars have out door heaters and small awning areas to smoke in.  The smoking ban has had a dramatic impact on bar attendance especially in winter months.

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