Haven House

Haven House
domestic violence
emergency shelter.
LGBT Intimate Partner

 Violence Victim

Advocacy Program

Haven House  716-884-6000 (24-hour hotline)Haven House provides support, information, legal consultation by volunteer lawyers, and referral to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender victims of intimate partner violence/domestic violence through the 24-hour, confidential hotline.  Currently, women and their children are able to utilize emergency shelter services at Haven House. The LGBT IPV Victim Advocate Program provides individual supportive counseling, client advocacywith police, courts and other community services, as well as community outreach and education about LGBT intimate partner violence.  Haven House and the LGBT IPV Victim Advocate are working towards developing the Safe Home Network Program.  The Safe Home Network will be a program that provides safe, confidential emergency shelter options to LGBT individuals who may be unable to access current emergency domestic violence resources.

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