Festivals in Buffalo

Gay Pride Parade   &  Gay Pride Festival

2015 june 1st thru the 7th .Back when this website first started, about 500 to maybe 800 showed up to watch a rabble of people wandering down the street.  Thanks to myspace and over 4,000 invites, soon everyone on the buffalogaybars.com myspace friends list knew of the event and over 8,000 people lined the streets there after.  Marcellashowclub.com and it’s my space, that i was running at the time, invited at least 5,000 to go.  The website provide directions to get there, where to park, times and places up at the park.  No video’s of the event or the parade had been available to show on the entire internet.

That first year of this website over 300 picture let the people of buffalo know what to expect and how much fun the people were having.   The very next year, again with myspace and now with a buffalo pride group notices, over 8,000 people showed up.  It has gotten so big that the moved it down to Canalside (Prime St, Buffalo, NY) with live entertainment, a few family activities, food carts and gift vendors, a bar tent area, a Retro Dance tent and community information tables from local organizations and businesses through out buffalo.

A lot of people use the NFTA-Metro rail’s “Erie Canal Harbor” Parking around is usual free but watch for signs.

There are actually 2 parades – the women separte themselves on saturday for some reason cause very large cities do it and they can go out for drinks later i guess. good a reason as any ?? March gathers at 4:00 PM  in the parking lot of Kleinhans Music Hall,  3 Symphony Circle, Buffalo, NY 14201 . The March will start 5:00 PM and proceed east on North Street, south along Elmwood Avenue, turn east onto Allen Street and travel through Allentown. The March completes at the Allen Street Festival, a block party on Allen Street between Franklin and Pearl. March participants do have free admission to the Allen Street Festival, so thats another reason to go.

The REAL Parade: parade line-up on the Buffalo State campus.  the parade begins at the corner of Elmwood Avenue and Forest Avenue and continues down Elmwood, ending at the corner of Allen Street.  then take the NFTA train from either the Allen Street/Medical Campus Station or the Fountain Plaza Station district to the Pride Festival at Canalside.  Awards for the 2014 Pride Parade were as follows:  Best Overall: Transgender Alliance Most Creative: Jones Pond  Best Interpretation of Theme: Gateway Longview

The organisers usually do a pretty good job and always give credit where credit is due – a lot of up to the minute changes and even more info is at   http://www.buffalopridefestival.com/

Gay Day at Darian Lake

Most fun day ever is usually the 3rd week Monday in June.  Joe the D over at Marcella does one of the best jobs at not only organizing it but best bbq cook ever (you get extra for overly exagerated compliments or showing parts of anatomy).  It really is a great time for everyone.

heres the poster from 2013. usually more info is available from Joe the D when it gets to be pride parade time.   Tickets are usually sold at bars in buffalo and rochester and maybe further out.

Allentown Art Festival    SATURDAY JUNE 13TH 10AM – 7PM | SUNDAY JUNE 14TH 10AM – 6PM

The Allentown Art Festival in Allentown Historic Preservation District of Buffalo, New York. around 80,00 art patrons visit the festival in June, and wander around the Allentown area.  Q, Fugazi, Funkey Monkey  are right in the midst of it – so stop in there and visit – especial useful for DL er’s .  Underground is just down the south side – so parking there is usually possable.  The stop in for a quick one on the way home.

The Gay community takes this area as their own and are not afraid to show the world their colors.

Interesting note – the north end of the area is were the british waited to burn down Buffalo in 1812.  if you the look west you can see the hotel mark twain staid at. on on the east side and down 2 or 3 buildings is where rosevelt got sworn into office after mckinnle was shot.



Thursdays in the Square


Ball Drop New Years





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