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BuffaloGayBars would like to list ALL the Drag Queens and all the Drag Performers.  This is not an honor or any sort of selection process.   ALL are welcomed to be listed on this page.  BuffaloGayBars will not chose or bio any of the performers or queens unless requested to do so, and with their permission.  All mini bio’s on this page were written by the queen or by her friends.  It is the intent of this page to offer a quick picture and a quick mini bio to any organization or group or to any person whom may want to see who the performers are, at the next show or event.  Several of the major drag queens in Buffalo, have not submitted or requested their inclusion on this page for what ever reason they have.  Some of them have contributed much of their time and have benefited the city of Buffalo.  The listing of their crowns, titles and benefits would be very extensive.  Maybe putting a lifetime of accomplishment into a paragraph or two is a little overwhelming ??  Friends of these Queens maybe should help them submit a picture and bio.Google, Yahoo etc searches like this page, and a search done for any of these names will probably point to this page.


Drag in Buffalo NYThe Queens of the Queen CityBuffalo NY has many of the Finest Drag Queens in the world.  This page will allow all the Drag Queens a place to tell the world who they are and how they look.  If another website or news organization needs a little information, they can copy the general description and the picture.  In this way, if a performer is doing a benefit, pageant or show, there is a quick reference available.    When a drag show or pageant is announced on this website, the visitor can find out quickly who the performer is.  The websites with a great drag following, such as Vicki Rene, will be linking to this site, to allow the whole world to know how active the Drag scene is in Buffalo NY.

Already, the names of some of these performers can be found in all the search engines on the web, by just entering their name .  By entering their name with Drag Queen, or Buffalo NY, most of Queens can be found quickly from any place in the world.

This site will group the drag queens into 3 sections.   The first is  Drag Queens that are the regular cast members of shows at the bars and clubs in Buffalo NY.  The second section is for Queens who occasionally perform around Buffalo and perhaps all over the world.  The third section is for the Drag Queens who enjoy the Drag lifestyle and culture, but who usually do not perform.

This website needs to advertise and to be advertised.  Any Drag show around Buffalo can be announced, but please put this site on any other advertisements for the shows.  The more links from other websites, the more people will suddenly appear at the next event.


Imperial Court
Buffalo’s Drag Organization producing many Charitable events every year.
Shows and Events are held monthly.  Watch for posters and announcements in the bars or local news publications. Check the Events Page of our web site.
New members are always welcome. It is a great way to help out, to meet new people and make new friends, to travel around the country and have a great time enjoying life. WEBSITE HERE


In Memoriam  – Michelle  – Geo Metro
Michelle, age 27, passed quickly Saturday reportedly of renal failure leading to a heart failure.  Geo had performed in the Buffalo area for almost 4 years. Geo Metro started by guest performing at Marcella Show Club, which lead to becoming a cast member of Thursday nights L Night until the show’s closing. She then became a cast member of trailer park Tuesdays which recently became bad girls.  She was always first with a hello, fun and friendly.  An instant friend and a true one.  Member of Bad Girls are planning a tribute this Tuesday Night at Buddies II   Comments are already being sent to Michelle’s myspace located HERE


Drag Show Performers in Buffalo NY


Fanta-see Island Marcella Show Club Fanta-See Island has been the show director and M.C. for “Showgirls” for the past 8 years and has now become the show director for “Life’s A Drag”. With both shows under her direction Fanta-see is easily recognized as the “Mama” and the voice of Club Marcella. Fanta-See has won some of Buffalo’s most recognized titles as well as winning the highest titles in New York State capturing Miss Gay New York State America and Miss New York State Continental Plus.
Robotika 2Kay Marcella Show Club Robotika 2Kay has been a Marcella performer for the past 6 years. First stating off as one of the original Thursday Night “New Kids on the Block” and then moving her way forward to Showgirls and Life’s A Drag. Robotika is perhaps the strongest. strangest, extreme performer at the Club. Her range has gone from Marilyn Manson to singing to a can of Spam. Trash and Class all in one. Nothing is beyond her limits.
Sabrina Williams Marcella Show Club Originally from Cleveland Ohio, where she performed at Cage & Legends, in 1999 Sabrina Willaims moved to buffalo mainly to perform ( thanks to Joey Marcella ) and to be who she is. The lights, the fans, the costumes and especially the hundreds of gorgeous guys, energize her on the stage like ever ready’s and the bunny. Sabrina designs and makes most of her unique and fun costumes. Her performances range from dynamic Janet Jackson to Rockin Robin, to fairy princess, to Shirley Temple with a lollipop and tricycle. Sabrina Williams has been working the stage at Marcella Show Club for 7 years
Raquel Marcella Show Club  Two months after making her first guest appearance at Marcella’s both Joey Marcella and Fanta-see Island saw promising talent in the new starlet and asked her to perform on a more regular basis. Soon Raquel was performing every Wednesday in Showgirls. This past February Raquel was given a permanent spot on the Sunday night Life’s a Drag cast. Raquel, best known for her dead-on impersonation of Britney Spears, has quickly won over fans and fellow performers with her remarkable one-of-a-kind talent.
Fy’a Valèntino Marcella Show Club Fy’a Valèntino has been a Marcella performer for the past 6 years. First stating off as one of the original Thursday Night “New Kids on the Block” and then moving her way forward to Showgirls then Saturday Night Spot Lights, then Life’s a Drag. Fy’a is proud to announce that she too is an MC, but only on Fridays. Fy’a Valentino is also proud to say that even though life has thrown her some curve balls, she has managed to stay on her toes and surround herself with GREAT, DRAMA-FREE people.
Nadiya Diamond Lord Marcella Show Club A native of Buffalo, Nadiya has been performing for four years at various venues throughout the city. She is a former Miss Club Marcella(2003), and Miss Snowflake(2005). She considers herself a true ‘Pageant girl’ and has placed in almost every major pageant in the city. She’s played “Susan Lucci” a few times and still has her eyes on a few elusive crowns.
Impersonating characters such as Fantasia, Toni Braxton, Kelly Rowland, and India.Arie, Nadiya seeks to set herself apart and show fans as well as critics the star that’s rising in her constellation. After a grueling 10 week competition Nadiya is a member on Marcella’s Thursday night ‘Twisted’ show and can still be seen honing her skills at several local bars whenever her busy schedule permits.
Melody Michaels Marcella Melody Michaels has come along way since she began
drag back in the year 2000. Melody started out “guest
performance” at Club Marcella. Now she is known for
her creative and more outrageous looks in drag. Both
CAMPY and Glam, Melody Michaels has picked up several
drag opportunities in Buffalo such as one of the
“WILDEST” in TPT known as “The Cucumber Princess” at
Buddies 2 and every other week at Marella show club.
Now the current “Miss. Firecracker” Melody Michaels
plans to bring out the bright horizon in the wonderful
world of drag!
Shay Shay shay shay been performing almost 5 years and was started performing as special guest performer at Marcella show club four years ago then move to trash Tuesday show at buddies II . i am very popular performer and rock the audience….all the fans love it!!! can be found at buddies II on Tuesday nights once in a while.
Jayme Coxx  Marcella JAYME COXX has been in the drag scene for total of 6 years now, with 4 of those years in Buffalo NY. Jayme is known for being the host of Trailer Park Tuesdays which has just ended this past december. With no break in the drag scene she jumped right back in and started a new show with legendary Orgasmatron called “BAD GIRLS” @buddies II every tuesday @ 10pm and 12midnight.
Originally from Danbury, CT.. she started with drag at Heaven in NYC and continued on to Fabulous in White Plains, Triangles in CT, and Primetime in Poughkeepise,NY she moved to Buffalo about 4 yrs ago and has quickly
become a known face in the drag world…. with past titles of Miss Disco diva 2005, miss cobalt idol, entertainer of the month for november 2004 and a former cast member of Marcellas twisted thursday show..JAYME COXX has
become a household brand name u may want to know or not all… known for comic performances for all audiences she is a performer to love and adore.
Sonya Michaels Marcella Originally from Syracuse NY, Sonya arrived in Buffalo in 1998.  After a few guest appearances at Club Marcella, she was hired as a cast member of Thursday nights New Kids on the block.  She then went on to Trailer Trash Tuesdays and finally has arrived at Undergrounds Divas show on Tuesday nights.  She excelled with amazing impersonations of Cher,  Celine Dion and Anastasia with every nuance and gesture.  Her robust and exuberant dance moves set her as one of Buffalo’s most prolific and well rounded performers.  Her past titles include Miss Merry Christmas 1998,   Miss fire Cracker 2003,   Miss Cabaret 2004 and Miss Gay Western New York All American 2005.Miss Underground 2005
Natasha Michaels Marcella Coming in to her own skin, Natasha is showing the fans of Buffalo that she is more than just “A Boy In A Dress”. Natasha is widely known as a cast member of the infamous show Trailer Park Tuesday held at Buddies II with showtimes at 10:30, 11:30, and 12:30. Trying to capture her dreams, Natasha entered the competition to become the newest cast member at Marcella Showclub and Lounge. Within 2 weeks of being eliminated, Natasha was approached by Joey Marcella and was offered a job performing on the Wednesday night Showgirls cast. That is now where Natasha can be seen every Wednesday night at 11:30 and 1:30. Being the ambitious girl that she is, Natasha wanted more than performing. Within her first year of performing, Natasha has already captured her first crowned title (Miss Disco Diva 2006). With her own sense of style and creativity, Natasha has given the fans in Buffalo, NY a new queen to watch and adore!


Drag Performers in Buffalo NY

Bud Wyzer: Started taking pictures for Vanity Vogue at Benedict House in early 2004.

With the support from Vanity,Keke & Benedict House,”Bud Wyzer” the drag king was born.

Bud’s Titles & Awards are:


Favorite Male Performer 2005 (Imperial Court of Buffalo)

Mr.Snowflake 2006-2007

1st Alternate to Mr.WNY Gay Newcomer 2006

Favorite Drag King 2006        (Imperial Court of Buffalo)

Imeritus to Buffalo Gay Paramount 2006

Rita O’Brien Community Service Award 2006


Bud’s reign as Mr.Snowflake proved to be a very successful one. Between fundraising shows and monthly appearances at Benedict House,he had 17 “fundraisers”, totaling over 1,000.00 raised thru the year.

In the future,Bud would like to compete for a national title.


Vanity Vogue   I love the community of Buffalo”  ,  Vanity grew up in Eden and moved to the West Coast for 10 years returning home in April of 2001. She has performed at many venues in the City including to name a few…Sheas Annual “Martini Gras” “Cause for Celebration”, “Pride Buffalo” Vanity has also produced shows at “New Phoenix Theater”, and “Smiths Theater”, “Fallen Angels” and many other charitibal fundraisers.  She made the full back page of the final issue of “Voices” and have had pictures in the Gusto Magazine 3 times.  In 2006 she made the list for “Best Drag Queen” voted by the Artvoice Readers…Her website is simply called Vanityvogue.com 
. KeKe Valasquez Lord
.Keke Valasquez-Lord is a native of Buffalo, New York has been performing as a professional female impersonator for the past 12 years.  Keke has won numerous pageant titles throughout the United States and Canada. At this time she is the current and reigning Miss Gay Rochester, Miss Gay Empire State New York, and Miss Gay Central New York State.

Keke’s former pageant titles include:

Miss Red Light 2009

Miss Muthers 2008

Miss Gay Buffalo Paramount 2007

Miss Gay Northeast Entertainer 2007

Miss Canada World Plus 2007

Miss Gay Tompkins County 2006

Miss Canada Continental Plus 2006

Miss Sweetheart New York State 2006

Miss Hott International 2005

Ambassador to Pride Buffalo 2005

Miss Underground 2005

Miss Buddies 2004

Miss Mahoning Valley USofA at Large 2003

Miss Gay Buffalo 2003

Miss Gay Queen City 2002

Miss Large & Lovely of Buffalo 2002

Miss Cabaret 2001

Miss Rochester Big & Beautiful 2000

Miss Ebony New York State 2000

Miss Club 134 1999

Keke can be seen entertaining on Fridays at Muthers Bar in Rochester, New York and Sundays at Club Marcella in Buffalo, New York.

Nicole Taylor Miss Buffalo 1995
V’nis V-Nis has been in the buffalo scene for a year now and in that time has influenced the buffalo night life. Having a small start in Rochester NY V-nis moved to buffalo where she found her home at the Trailer at Cabaret. The opening of Cobalt brought V-Nis into a bigger role as cast of Detention and making spot appearances in the Fake Ladies Live show. V-Nis brought a new energy to Buffalos night life during her time at Cobalt.

Buffalo’s #1 Drag Queen by Artvoice for many years  – 

Now in Florida

V In Florida V has been performer at Club Marcella now for over 8 years. V first took the stage as a guest performer and was immediately hired to join the cast on life’s a drag and showgirls. Her performances are a spotlight to her inner self. V is a very shy, reserved, and friendly person, but when the costumes, makeup and lights go on, V becomes the music and becomes the emotion. Sensuality, sexuality, and the passion within surfaces. V’s costuming ranges from band aids and candle wax to my fair lady and pretty women as the mood strikes her. Originally from Buffalo, At an early age V knew she was she, and sought for way to express herself. V found it on the stage and with her fans.




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